Welcome to Brick by Bryck!

We are a Tucson company that has been in business for over 25 years serving homeowners and homebuyers. Our inspection team is dedicated to our clients. Our reports are easy to read and understand and include pictures of key items for easier identification.

Great customer service doesn’t stop with receipt of your inspection report! Our inspection team is available for phone consultations to answer your questions and help you with understanding your home. We understand that buying or selling a home is a big event in your life. An inspection prior to selling can reassure you of the value of your home and help you in setting a fair price. An inspection prior to purchasing a home will identify issues that need to be repaired or addressed.



  • Room by Room visual inspection

  • Electrical systems

  • Gas and Water checks

  • Appliance operation

  • Visual check of foundation

  • Pool/Spa Equipment

  • Roof system

  • Exterior condition including doors and windows

  • Heating and Cooling systems

  • Room by Room visual inspection

  • Electrical systems

  • Gas and Water checks


I have used Bryck for my inspector for several years whenever I purchased a home.  He’s also inspected a couple of commercial buildings for me.  I trust your company to always provide the best inspection.  I highly recommend Bryck and the company for any home or building inspection.


“Vern was completely thorough and professional. His style and personality are an asset to your company and reputation. I would recommend him to any person who may be in need of your services.”

– J.H.



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