Bryck Guibor


Founded Guibor Home Inspections 40 years ago. Now known as Brick by Bryck Home Inspections, Bryck has inspected thousands of homes. In addition to being a licensed home inspector Bryck is also a licensed general contractor. Considered to be an expert in historical and older homes, his knowledge is put to use in home inspection, home building and renovation. He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors – ASHI, as well as a charter member of the Arizona chapter of ASHI. He is the current President for Arizona ASHI and has been the Arizona Chapter Education Director for over 10 years. In addition to expert knowledge in home inspection he is certified in both the city and the county for participating in code review classes on building and electrical codes. He taught classes for the National Park Services for rehab and inspection of history buildings. He has been a National speaker for Indian Health Services Housing Division. He has been an instructor at the National ASHI conference for over 13 years. He also serves as an instructor with Training Services Associates providing hands-on training workshops in electrical, plumbing, and home and facility maintenance across the country. Bryck is a subject matter expert for the National Home Inspectors Exam. This exam is required for all inspectors in the State of Arizona along with many other states.

Vern Sandt

Vern Sandt is a retired Air Force veteran.  With over 20 years as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, his keen eye, acute investigative skills and commitment to excellence has garnered him several prestigious awards and decorations.  He was selected to the Space Shuttle Recovery team, selected Air Combat Command’s Global Medic of the Year, and presented the Legion of Merit award by SICOFAA.  After leaving the Air Force, he went into the property preservation business as an operations manager. His responsibilities had him overseeing all aspect of the business, from securing, inspecting, rehab and maintaining bank-owned properties.  With his attention to detail, keen investigative eye, and preservation experience, he easily obtained his AZ home inspector certification.  We are thrilled to have him on our team.

David Karel

David Karel is our latest member to join the team. He held many leadership positions in major retail organizations over the last 25 years for Sears, PetSmart, and Bass Pro Shops. A life-changing event brought David and his family back to Tucson where it all started. The Home Inspection business was never on his radar until having a positive experience with a home inspector that changed everything. All of David’s experiences in operations and facilities are clearly evident when inspecting a building. He takes a technical approach with attention to detail when inspecting, and enjoys working with prospective buyers who want to learn about their new property. David is a subject matter expert for the National Home Inspectors Exam and a member of AZ-ASHI chapter. We are glad to have him on the team.


Support Staff

Tiffany worked in the medical field for many years but was ready for a change. She is now an independent contractor with Brick by Bryck Home Inspections. She has worked with our company for over a year and loves being a part of our exceptional home inspection team. She assists in preparing the home inspection reports that are sent to clients and Realtors. She and her husband share their time between their homes in Ohio and Arizona but are planning to make Arizona their permanent home in the near future. She finds working with Brick by Bryck to be very rewarding as she has the opportunity to learn more about the many aspects and in-depth knowledge that is required to perform a home inspection.


Office Manager

Susan is the general manager for the daily operations of the company which includes scheduling by phone, text or email with the Realtors and their Clients throughout Southern Arizona. She is the head report verifier prior to the reports being sent and she leads the development team for our home inspection report software and updates that is approved by the state of Arizona Board of Technical Registrars. This report format has been adopted and is in use by many home inspection companies throughout Arizona.